Jeremy the Garbage Boy.

This is what Jeremy is doing now. He’s the garbage boy in the city of Circle Squirrel.

Cover image from FINAL DERBY, my futuristic roller derby manga with artist Diana Naneva. Should be debuting at Rose City Comic Con in a couple of weeks. Published by Loser City!


In which Shima delivers the all-time politest in-the-name-of-the-moon-I-will-punish-you speech before decapitating this clown with his tiara.

(Division Chief Kōsaku Shima, Kenshi Hirokane c.1992)


My and Eric Zawadzki’s comic THE GHOST ENGINE is now available on Comixology!

$3.99 for FOUR ISSUES and an exclusive, never-before-seen bonus story.

A high-stakes art thief.

(she mouths off a lot)

A reality show bounty hunter.

(he’s kind of a sleaze)

The ghosts that live inside their heads.

(one good, one’s evil)

An arcane machine hidden in the Paris catacombs.

(that’s in France)

The secret organization that wants it.

(you in danger, girl)

The Ghost Engine is DOUBLE the buddy cop dysfunction, like you Inceptioned Tango and Cash into Lethal Weapon, but also The Frighteners and Dead Heat for some reason.

(print edition coming soon from Loser City if that’s your thing)

Battle Angel Alita

(Source: vintagemanga, via mangahakuran)


Sketchbook page.

Here’s a page from FINAL DERBY, a new comic from me and Diana Naneva. It’ll be out through Loser City next month. 


(Golgo 13, Takao Saitō & Saitō-Pro c. 2009)


The Philistine by Denny O’Neil and Frank Miller from Marvel Comics’ Bizarre Adventures #31…